The International Association of Trans Bodybuilders (IATB) is an affiliated branch of FTM Fitness World and an organization created for bodybuilders who identify as Trans (belonging at any level of the Trans spectrum).


The first historical Trans bodybuilding competition was created in October 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA at the first annual Trans Fitness World Conference. For our second year, we received media attention from major networks like Al Jazeera America and CNN; In our third year, we hosted the 1st powerlifting competition.


Separating the competition from the conference will achieve these goals:

  • It will give the competition the personalized attention that it requires to reach a bigger audience: This will allow us to market and host the competition in different regions in conjunction with different LGBT or Trans conferences or separately as a standing event of its own giving access to people who would otherwise not be able to travel to Atlanta.
  • It will allow the TRANS Fit Conference to rebrand itself as a conference, not only focused on physical fitness but also on the different areas of one’s life: finances, relationships, spirituality, personal development. Hence the slogan “fitness for the mind, body and spirit.”
  • It will allow the organizational board of to give it the much needed and required focus to implement our goals and objectives.


  1. Be officially recognized worldwide as the leading authority of Bodybuilding (and Powerlifting) for people of Trans experience
  2. Create a training certification program and membership accreditation for all the competition’s judges
  3. Standardize all the competitions with the same rules, expectations and membership affiliation for all competitors