All IATB judges will be certified after a training program and in charge of specifying the competitions rules, divisions and categories. The senior judges will be in charge of training new judges after the initial training certification program.

Certification Training:

The certification training will be held locally annually before or during the Trans Fitness Conference or virtually; dates, locations and frequency will change as membership grows.

The training curriculum will include but will not limited to information on nutrition and hormones, supplements and the risks of illegal drugs, the Trans spectrum/diversity in the Trans community, the anatomy and physiology of Trans bodies, injury prevention and rehabilitation, Trans psychology and understanding bodybuilding judging criterias and scoring.

Objectives of the training program:

  • Develop talent and create competency by helping the judges acquire the correct skills and knowledge to judge an event
  • Build confidence in the competitors by creating an equal standard based on fairness and objectivity


  • Must be 21 years or older in age by the time of application
  • Must have attended one previous Trans bodybuilding show hosted by TransFitCon or IATB
  • Must have previous bodybuilding or powerlifting experience as a competitor


  • Good at interpersonal communication
  • Ability to work well in teams
  • Great attention to details
  • Organization skills: A judge should be punctual, know where to go, be able to remember each competitor and memorize the rules.

Steps to become a judge:

  1. Fill out an application form
  1. Receive a formal invitation to a the certification training: The fee will be $50 and the participant will be required to pass an evaluation after the training. The participant will be allowed 3 attempts to pass with a grade of 80% or higher within a 3 months period.
  1. Certificate will be mailed after the test has been successfully completed
  1. The next step is to attend a future event as a guest judge for training purposes
  1. Receive accreditation: Once the judge has successfully passed the training, the judge will be officially accredited and granted permission to operate as a judge for a period of two consecutive years. They will be required to pay a one-time/lifetime judge card fee of $20. Any future replacement card will cost an additional $20. The card will be mailed and the accreditation can be renewed by taking another certification training after two years (they will pay $50 for the class but won’t have to pay another $20 for the card unless they need a replacement card).


  • As an ambassador of IATB, judges are required to attend at least one IATB event during their two-years membership period as a guest judge, a judge, a contestant (must have active competitor membership), a trainer (e.g. giving a workshop presentation before the event, if it’s held in conjunction to a conference), a speaker or a volunteer.
  • Contribute at least 3 inspirational or educational articles or videos per year.