With the power of leverage, we would like to partner with as many organizations as possible and especially tie in with established conferences to host IATB competitions.

Steps to host an IATB event:

  1. The potential host will fill out an application form. We will review the application in relation to time (based on how long the planning will take) and space (event location, room for competition, stage, backstage, etc.)
  1. Once the application is approved, both parties will sign a one-time agreement. After the initial event, contracts can be renewed for up to 3 consecutive years.
  1. Our team will plan the entire event while staying in communication with the host as needed with little to no involvement from their part.
  1. All competitors will register directly from our website for any event that they wish to compete in. We encourage the host to promote the event on their platforms to attract more visibility.


  1. Create a long-lasting partnership
  1. Add diversity to your event: You will not only attract a variety of bodybuilding enthusiasts, but you will also have the opportunity to align your programs with the event by allowing one of our judges to give a workshop presentation related to the topic.
  1. Attract media attention to your event: We have successfully attracted the attention of major media outlets and are hoping to continue to create a positive image for people of Trans experience in the media.