Shawn Stinson, founder of Coach Shawn 80/20 Fit, is an inspiring fitness professional whose flair and exceptional style of coaching has encouraged countless people to live a healthy, fit lifestyle.

His programs contain:

  •         Personal Training
  •         Group Training
  •         Distant Coaching
  •         Life Coaching

Shawn was born August 9, 1979, in Peoria, IL. Since High School he has been athletic, and passionate about fitness. Upon graduating from high school in 1998, Shawn enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. His first experience training individuals was as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). While enlisted he conducted several platoon physical training sessions, in addition to providing individual training to Marines. Shawn served 7 honorable years of service and separated in 2005 as a Sergeant (E-5). 

Late 2014, Shawn launched his body sculpting company, Coach Shawn 80/20 Fit, in order to help people with different fitness levels boost their confidence and achieve their body goals. His business model incorporates training programs that encompass resistance training, cardio, and nutrition. 

In 2014, Shawn made history by becoming the first to win 1st place in the world’s first FTM transgender body building competition, FITCON, in Atlanta, GA. He went on to win 1st place two years in a row, in 2015, and was interviewed by CNN, and Al Jazeera. While preparing for a 3rd year win in 2016, he suffered an injury which prevented him from competing. Although he was unable to compete, he was offered a position to stand as a guest judge. Since 2016 Shawn has judged every annual FTM competition in Atlanta, now known as the International Association of Trans Bodybuilders and Powerlifters (IATBP). In 2019 he accepted the position as head judge for IATBP.

Shawn not only has an extensive knowledge in bodybuilding, he is also proficient in weight loss, weight gain, weight management, and nutrition. He is a certified through NASM as a personal trainer, and the American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR and AED Program.

LIS SAUNDERS – Meet Director

Elisabeth “Lis Smash” Saunders is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a powerlifting state record holder, meet director and coach of the Fantastic Beasts, Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ Powerlifting Club. 

She grew up outside of Tampa FL and then earned two degrees (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Public Relations and Master of Education in Sport Management) at the University of Georgia, and moved to Atlanta after graduating.

In 2010, Lis became a personal trainer and group fitness coach after being frustrated by the lack of diversity and sensitivity among coaches she encountered in the strength and fitness communities.

In 2012 she founded Team Lis Smash and now coaches a diverse group of athletes from ages 12 to 60.

In 2018, Lis left the USAPL and currently competes with the USPA. She recently won 3rd place at the USPA Drug-Tested National Championships.

Last year she assisted with the IATB Powerlifting meet, and looks forward to helping run another great event this year.

She is a queer athlete, an ally for transgender athletes, and an activist working toward inclusive sport for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, citizenship or economic class. Lis wants to change the face of strength coaching by helping 100 new coaches – women, people of color and LGBTQ+ humans – get started in the industry.

She lives in East Atlanta with her partner Jeff aka The Viking and their 14 year old hound mutt, Cady. When Lis isn’t training or coaching, she is accidentally breaking furniture or drinking coffee with The Viking.